Driven by our love for innovation and our passion for the new, DFJ TelAviv Venture Partners seeks to partner with extraordinary Israeli entrepreneurs who are determined to change the world for the better. We seek to partner with companies that aim to solve substantial problems and create or fundamentally alter broad markets.

DFJ TelAviv combines local presence and decision making with the broad and deeply-rooted DFJ Network that is geared towards supporting the global ambitions of our portfolio companies. The DFJ Network forms the world’s largest venture capital network, providing global reach through local presence across key technology industries and markets.

Having driven the first Israel-dedicated DFJ Network Fund in 2007 (DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures - "DFJTFV"), DFJ TelAviv Venture Partners marks further evolution and enhancement of DFJ’s commitment to play substantial role in the Israeli venture capital landscape.

We, the team members of DFJ TelAviv, are all committed to put our collective domain expertise, operational skills, investment expertise and network reach to work alongside our entrepreneurs in a fair and friendly manner.
Recent News
Seed breeding Kaiima raising $50m
Aug 04, 2013
Visual search startup Superfish raises $10 million
Jul 30, 2013
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Our Portfolio
  • hola!
    Internet infrastructure for consumers
  • SuperFish
    Visual search platform
  • Kaiima
    Increase crop productivity using Genomic Multiplication (Non-GMO)
  • Siano
    Mobile digital TV chip provider
  • Siklu
    Microwave mobile backhaul systems
  • Aniboom
    Virtual animation studio
  • Polls Boutique
    Question-based Internet interaction
  • Jinni
    Content discovery engine for movies and TV
  • Do@
    Application-based mobile Search
  • CopperGate
    Multimedia home networking chip provider
  • Native Networks
    Metro Ethernet solutions for SONET and SDH
  • Allot
    IP traffic management solutions
  • Voltaire
    Backbone solutions for grid and cloud computing
  • MGVS
    Gene and cell therapy-based treatment for vascular diseases
  • Proneuron
    Biopharmaceutical products for the treatment of spinal cord injury and other central nervous system disorders
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